You might be asking yourself: how can promotional merchandise such as branded USB Sticks or pens help your business? To begin with, the use of promotional items continues to grow in popularity among business owners and merchandise management firms across the world. This is primary because they have proven to be 100% effective in achieving the original purpose for which they were conceptualized. Today, we will explore the primary benefits that you can draw from promotional items.

Better Brand Recognition

One of the primary goals for any business, big or small, is brand recognition. Being ingenious with your marketing is one of the excellent ways to make your brand keep up with competition, as well as remain in customers’ minds for a long time. With promotional items, you can enhance brand awareness for your business. By customizing a product that your customer can use in their everyday life, you can embed your business in their mind.

Actual and Cost Effective Advertising Solution

The use of promotional merchandise is inexpensive than television or radio advertising. If yours is a small business, this allows you to get the effective exposure that is naturally reserved for larger corporations that have heavily invested in advertising.

Take a promotional tee shirt, for instance, your customer will wear it in public to the store, to the gym, etc. – it will be like a mobile billboard for your business. This will be for just a fraction of what you would spend for a real billboard advertisement.

Substitute for Business Card

Business cards may be an exceptionally valuable business component, but promotional items are fun and imaginative way to share your contact information. Rather than leaving your prospective customer with a business card, you can consider leaving them with your business card plus a tangible, branded product. If you own a computer company, for example, and you have just fixed a customer’s machine, you can pass them a promotional Flash Drive with the name and number of your business on the device.


Another thing that is of great benefit to your business, with regards to marketing is repeat exposure. Think of how you can keep your business, consistently, in front of clients without incurring huge costs. One effective thing you can do is identifying the items your customers would want to keep around. If you run a spa business, for example, you can include an appointment reminder at the back of your business card – customers will ensure to keep that around, lest they forget their next visit. You can hand over branded openers if you run a bar.

Great Way to Introduce a New Product in the Market

With promotional merchandise, you can introduce a new item to the target audience. The audience will have an opportunity to evaluate the product and determine its viability while you collect data to refine the product. With this approach, you will not only be able to improve the product, but it will also help to boost consumer confidence in your new product if the target audience acknowledges its usefulness.


The use of promotional items is proven to be one of the excellent ways to get your business brand into the public domain. It does not matter whether yours is a big or small investment; you need to inform the public about your business if you want to succeed. If you want the services of a merchandise management company to market your brand, then Soapbox Creative is your perfect option.